I love my profession, the families, the children, the young brides and grooms, I have had the pleasure of photographing you for 36 years! While I approach each sitting with the cherished memories for your family, I focus on bringing personalities to the forefront. While I try to make each image say something, like fun, joy, happiness, seriousness, or love, I want something said…not just a shot! So, yes I move you and shake and loosen you up! I have had a great time and I’m thankful for you to allow me into your private lives. My experience has made me become comfortable in nearly every photographic situation, as well as being technically well versed. I strive to bring out each personality in my photos and to show the spirit of each special day through my abilities and experience, at an affordable price to you.

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Pamela Roberts Photography
Pittsford, New York

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